At Retirement

Options at Retirement

Pension Freedoms

You now have greater freedom of choice as to how to utilise your pension fund once you reach retirement age. You no longer have to use the pension fund to purchase income via an annuity – though this option is still available.

Your new options include the ability to access the pension fund as a lump sum or series of lump sums which will be subject to tax. Instead of purchasing an annuity for income, you can access the pension fund more ‘flexibly’ putting you in control of your income drawdown. Care must be taken when considering the new more flexible access arrangements to avoid running out of money – and with greater freedoms bring greater responsibilities with regard to managing your financial future.

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Generic guidance is available on this issue from the government website at

Withdrawal Options

  • Standard Annuities
  • Enhanced Annuities
  • Flexible Drawdown
  • Any combination of the above

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