Our Fees

Our Ethical Stance on Fees

The objective of our firm is to provide – at a fair price – impartial unbiased independent financial guidance to all. We are a small firm and run the company for the benefit of our clients and our workforce.

After nearly 30 years in business, our proposition is to ensure that we continue to provide clear unbiased guidance at an affordable price and to provide fair value and ‘reward’ longstanding clients.

Our Typical Fees

Investment/Pension/ISA Work – Our typical initial fee for investments up to £100,000 is a fixed fee up to £500. Investments over £100,000 is a fixed fee up to £750. In addition investments are placed on our guidance or review policy charging structure at 0.5% per annum which is extremely competitive with the rest of the market.

This allows us to offer our lower upfront fees ensuring more money is invested initially and clients on our review system do not pay further upfront fees for top ups to their investments, have free fund switches and do not pay additional fees for income or capital withdrawals or pension income withdrawal adjustments.

Clients on our review structure in addition have the facility to have an annual or more regular review of their financial circumstances as well as being rewarded for adding to their investments as and when appropriate.

Non Standard Fees

Where the work we are undertaking for you is outside of our standard services proposition we work on the following basis:

  1. A fixed one off transaction fee negotiated individually with no review or follow up.
  2. Alternatively we work on hourly rates where you have complex pension arrangements, tax or trust requirements to consider.


We do not charge brokerage fees for organising mortgages where the lender pays us a commission for doing so. We reserve the right to charge a fee where no commission is available – and this will be agreed upfront before any work is undertaken.

Life Assurance

We do not charge additional fees for life assurance, critical illness or permanent health insurance contracts as we are generally remunerated by the insurance companies by way of continuing commission.

Before we undertake any work on your behalf any fees will be agreed prior to any work being undertaken.

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